Manual Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Taking the time to really listen is a skill within itself. Often a patient will come in the room with several health concerns but does not know where and how to begin a course to healing there body, mind and spirit. Often, I recognize in patients that mental, emotional and spiritual problems manifest into physical problems in the body.

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The Acupuncture points are the portals or gateways to increase or redirect the flow of energy to a particular part of the body that may be out of balance. As Science students in junior high school, we learned that we are electrical beings. There are positive and negative ions in every cell of the human body and it necessary for every chemical reaction in the body to take place.

Acupuncture can access the electrical systems in the body which is run by the nervous system and the endocrine system. In short, the nerve receptors detect the problem and tell the endocrine system what to do. The endocrine system is responsible for releasing the proper hormones or chemical substances that regulate the body functions.

Acupuncture heals body mind and spirit

Each of these acupuncture points serve as a tunnel or access route to the deeper circulatory channels within the body. At the core of TCM is an understanding that the body, mind and human spirit are integrally connected, and that restoring and maintaining energetic balance are essential to health and well-being. Pain and illness result when the Qi [energy] through the body is disrupted or blocked. Lana is a general practitioner, with particular interest in sports medicine, musculo-skeletal issue and pain.

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Acupuncture for Body Mind and Spirit

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