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Biometrics Access Control. Our biometric access control systems deliver unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, facility, or campus. We use sophisticated biometrics identification scanners and door locks to recognize fingerprints, irises, or faces, and more, eliminating the need for access control cards and keypad codes. With biometrics technology, we help you deploy advanced security solutions for access control.

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Advanced State-of-the-art biometrics technology drives our most sophisticated access control solutions. Secure Biometric data cannot be shared or copied, so your facility benefits from heightened security. Integrated Biometrics solutions can be easily integrated into an existing access control system. Low Cost and High Security. Securely restrict access to sensitive operations, perimeters, and assets Eliminates keycard and password sharing Identity authentication based on physical attributes Integrates with existing access control systems Easy to manage and administer on an individual user basis An access control solution that is compliant with certain federal requirements.

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Learn more about access from our experience and insights. See All Insights. Infographic Security.

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White Paper Security. We are here to help you explore our capabilities and to find the right solution for your facility. Talk to an Expert. The government insists that biometrics databases can be used effectively for border security, to verify employment, to identify criminals, and to combat terrorism.

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Private companies argue biometrics can enhance our lives by helping us to identify our friends more easily and by allowing us access to places, products, and services more quickly and accurately. But the privacy risks that accompany biometrics databases are extreme.

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As face recognition technologies become more effective and cameras are capable of recording greater and greater detail, surreptitious identification and tracking could become the norm. Further, geolocation tracking technologies built on top of large biometrics collections could enable constant surveillance. And if the government gets its way, all of this data could be obtained without a warrant and without notice or warning.

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Large standardized collections of biometrics also increase the risk of data compromise from which it could be almost impossible to recover. In the near future, biometrics could stand in for your driver license or social security number, and you could be asked for a thumbprint or an iris scan just to rent an apartment or see a doctor.

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This could lead to many vulnerable copies of that linked data that could wind up in the hands of identity thieves. EFF is monitoring the development and implementation of these technologies, both in the law enforcement and commercial contexts. Join EFF Lists.

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