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We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. By using our website you agree to our use of these cookies. Find out more. Reviews Brightfall is beautiful inside and out , gorgeously written and filled with bittersweet magic. A lush, immersive read , perfect for readers of Juliet Marillier. I loved it.

An immensely satisfying read with its unexpected and unique twist on the legend of Sherwood Forest, Robin and his men, and the brave, determined, resilient Marian. Putting a contemporary twist on a centuries old myth, Brightfall breathes new life into the tale of Robin Hood - bringing Marian to the fore and plunging her into a mystery that threatens the lives of all she loves.

This is a solid, engaging story. I enjoyed it a lot. Brightfall is like a traditional ballad; sad and sweet, full of romance and longing and murder, with a dragon at its heart. About Us. OR Search by date:.

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Theatre In San Francisco. Tan ta ra, cries Mars. Cease sorrows now. Hosanna filio David - Hosanna to the son of David. Voluntary [2]. Noel, Adieu Thou Court's Delight. Come, sirrah Jack, ho! Hosanna to the son of David: Hosanna to the Son of David. In Nomine. Lord When I Think. Shoot false Love I care not. Nunc Dimittis In medio chori. Gloria in excelsis Deo: Gloria in excelsis deo.

A remembrance of my friend Thomas Morley. Voluntarie I.

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A remembrance of my friend Morley : A remembrance of my friend. Hosanna To the Son of David, anthem for 6 voices. Lachrimae Pavan. Gloria in excelsis Deo - Remastered Version. When David heard O my son Absalom - for 6 voices. Voluntarie II. Sweet heart, arise. Welcome, sweet pleasure. Most mighty and all-knowing Lord: Most mighty and all-knowing lord. O Care thou wilt dispatch mee; a. Tan ta ra ran tan tant, cryes Mars arr. O Jonathen, woe is me. Thule, the period of Cosmographie; a. Missa cum jubilo: Sanctus. Why are you ladyes staying - Harke, I hear some dancing.

Weelkes: Gloria in excelsis Deo, a 6: "Gloria in excelsis Deo! Voluntary 1 of Two Voluntaries. Weelkes, Cries Of London. Cease Now Delight.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

When David Heard Second. Magnificat Sixth Service. The First Part. Voluntary 2 of Two Voluntaries. Thule, the period of cosmographie. Thule, the period of Cosmographie The second Part. O Jonathan. Elizabethan Consort Music: Hark! I Hear Some Dancing. Gloria in excelsis Arr. Rodde [Live]. O Care thou wilt dispatch mee; b. Missa cum jubilo: Agnus Dei. When David heard O my son Absalom , sacred madrigal in 2 sections for 6 voices.

Nunc dimittis from Evening Service for Trebles. Magnificat from Evening service for Trebles. Thule, the period of Cosmographie The first Part. Nunc Dimittis. Rejoice in the Lord.

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  6. Weelkes: Ballets and Madrigals, Volume 1: No. All Ye Levely Saints. To shorten winter's sadnesse. Thule, the period of cosmographie - for 6 voices []. O Care, thou wilt despatch me Madrigal. When I Think. Thule, the period of Cosmographie; b. Four arms, two necks, one wreathing - Remastered Version. The Nightingale.

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    Alleluia: I heard a voice. Some Men Desire Spouses.

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    Hark, all ye lovely saints above - Remastered Version. The Second Part. Voluntarie Gloria In Excelsis Deo Arr. Dennis Mason. Weelkes: 26 Ayeres or Phantasticke Spirites: No. O care wilt thou dispatch mee, madrigal in 2 sections for 5 voices.