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A small patch of land around their modest two-room abode in the camp provides for a few green vegetables and beans. Over , Burundians, spread across three camps in Tanzania, will remain dependent on much-needed humanitarian assistance until longer-term solutions are found.

But, for now, they desperately need support. This little-spoken crisis continues to be dismally funded, revealing major gaps in the humanitarian response. Limited food, poor living conditions and weak wastewater management are a recipe for disease outbreaks. The Nduta refugee camp, where MSF is the main healthcare provider, recently witnessed a peak in diarrhoea cases, but our teams were able to swiftly respond and staunch the spread of the disease.

Back in the health clinic, Adephine is playing with a strip of capsule. But she wishes they had more variety in the food they received in the camp. Sitting together, Adephine, her younger sister, Rachel, and Elisabeth appear composed.

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What the future holds for them remains shrouded in uncertainty. But with those dreams that take one far away, there is always that smallest of relief to take flight, even briefly, and escape the biting reality of the camp. Two years ago in Rakhine, Myanmar, the army started arresting all the men. My son Irshadullah was 20 years old then. We were all hiding in our houses, and could not go anywhere, not even to collect food. One day the army came to our house and started taking my year-old daughter with them; my son came out of hiding to intervene.

We had to flee. Ever since I got diabetes, I started losing weight. My condition has gotten worse in the last three years. My husband and I are old, we cannot work. It would be nice to cook a big fish but that is not possible, we have no extra money. I feel dizzy and my heart is beating fast. I have an infected leg. We can fast here, and pray. At least the Myanmar army will not come in the night and arrest us. You can all go home, but I cannot, we have to stay in a small hut in a camp.

One day we will return to Myanmar or maybe some other country where there is peace. As a child, I remember running into the forests to hide from the officials and locals in Rakhine state, Myanmar. They would take our money and produce from the farms. They would also beat us up. I am fleeing Myanmar for the third time in my life. I must have been 10 or 11 years old when we first ran away from our homes in the s. Then we stayed here in Kunyapalong for two more years before we returned; we were told it would be safe to return.

The harvests would be taken away. The government would arrest the males and often we had nothing to eat. We ran away to Bangladesh a second time in Here I met my future wife, Khatija.

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I was 23 years old when we got married. My first-born child, Salim was born in this country. He was only 40 days old when we were forcefully returned to Myanmar. They would take us into the jungles and make us carry heavy loads for days. If I dropped the load, I would get beaten up. The government said we were all armed extremists and closed the mosque and madrassa [religious school]. They stopped us from farming and curbed all cultivation. We could not earn money, people were arrested, killed and our women were gang raped.

On the morning of Eid Al Azha, they killed my eldest child, Salim.

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He was around fifteen years old. We walked for 14 days before reaching the camp. I am happy here, I can at least sleep peacefully. My children can study.

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We are not allowed to go outside the camp and find work, money or new clothes. I want to return to Myanmar with full citizenship and the right to move freely. I approached them because I had physical problems and because my son was virtually not eating. I arrived in the morning and had to wait until the afternoon, but they took care of me and my son too. He was underweight; they gave him ready-to-use food and got his condition under control. At first we went every week and then every fortnight.

Fortunately he is much better now. I was tested and they gave me medicines and vitamins and told me to come in for monitoring. I gave birth here at the hospital and everything went well. When my labour pains started, I came to the emergency room and fortunately they treated me quickly and everything went well. We decided to come here because the situation was difficult. My husband left first, then he returned to get me, and I came here with him and our son.

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Now he works here selling coffees. He has an established route around the local businesses and fortunately it gives him enough to pay the rent and bills. Venezuelans who flee to Colombia suffer a double blow, for on top of the difficult circumstances that caused them to leave, on arrival they are guaranteed neither healthcare, food nor security. This group of people have fled a country in crisis for a country in the midst of armed conflict and other violence.

Qusay Hussein landed in Austin, Texas, with absolutely no idea where he was going. Blinded by a suicide bombing in Iraq in , he was eager to try somehow to make a new life in the United States. Refugees around the world: Stories of survival World Refugee Day. Stories of survival. In their own words - refugees' stories of survival Refugees from all over the world describe how they have fled often dangerous situations at home, and their journeys in their search for a new life. He now lives in Turin, Italy. March, Click to read more about the journey of M.

Read less. Click to read more about the story of P. Elisabeth, Adephine and Rachel, from Burundi, now in Tanzania. Rachel, Elisabeth and Adephine. Nduta camp, Tanzania, June Click to read the story of Elisabeth and family. Nunahar and Abdul, Rohingya from Myanmar, now in Bangladesh. Click to read more on the story of Nunahar and her husband Abdul. Shabbir and Mohammed, Rohingya from Myanmar, now in Bangladesh.

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Unfortunately, when he grabbed his iPhone to film the flood, the phone got swept away by a gust of wind. The puffer vest has frequently been spotted as the fashion item of choice for the one percent, from HBO's 'Succession' to Jeff Bezos's wardrobe. This is truly extreme dedication to science, because if one of those arrows comes down at a slightly off angle, the experiment will end and in a very unpleasant fashion.

Religious orders in Germany are disappearing because so few people want to dedicate their entire lives to God anymore. Some monasteries and convents find novel ways to make money and survive, but even their days are numbered. Those who know about us have power over us. Obfuscation may be our best digital weapon.

Delta Cephei doubles in brightness on a precise schedule, every 5. Its brightness changes are tied to its absolute brightness. Learn how this star helped establish the known distance scale of our galaxy and universe. What do you say when your significant other doesn't recognize the most defining song in your career? Somewhere in Philadelphia, artificial wombs are gestating sheep fetuses. Humans are next. Sale ends Wednesday, restrictions apply. Fans of the racing video game flawlessly recreate it in real life. A new report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change details the changes humans have caused in Earth's oceans and frozen regions.

It warns that without rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, the impacts will grow more severe. Before bike messenger Robyn Hightman was killed in New York City, life was was defined by perseverance and promise. In an instant, it was over. The outdoor patio was filled with dude ranchers. It was their yearly conference at Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, and I was there as a vendor and first-time attendee.

Switching to EVs en masse could help bring down planet-killing carbon emissions. But Americans also need to drive less, right now. The dating app's new end-of-the-world, choose-your-own-adventure game, called Swipe Night, will generate new matches based on your choices. But then I did. On November 8, , Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, stepped in front of TV cameras and announced the nation would almost immediately begin getting rid of most of its cash. What followed proved to be chaos.

Professional employer organizations are filling their ranks with the staffs of growing companies like Beyond Meat and Madison Reed. Archaeologists and architects alike have long wondered why 15th century Incans built the grand citadel of Machu Picchu in what is now Peru where they did, high in the remote Andes atop a narrow ridge. What's the worst that could happen if you back up through a parking lot arm?

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