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Rick Steves Budapest. Rick Steve'S Italy Rick Steves Best Of England. Rick Steves Venice. Rick Steves London. Rick Steves Mediterranean Cruise Ports. Rick Steves Rome. Rick Steves Snapshot Dubrovnik. Rick Steves Best Of France.

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Rick Steves Best Of Ireland. Rick Steves Pocket Venice. Rick Steves Best Of Italy. Rick Steves England.

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Rick Steves Pocket Florence. Rick Steves Scotland. Rick Steves Pocket Barcelona.

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Rick Steves European Easter. Rick Steves Best Of Spain. Rick Steves Switzerland. Rick Steves Snapshot Normandy.

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Rick Steves Snapshot Loire Valley. Rick Steves Snapshot Dublin. Rick Steves France. Rick Steves Snapshot Stockholm. Rick Steves Snapshot Norway. Rick Steves' Pocket Vienna. Rick Steves Scandinavia. Eastern Europe. Rick Steves Snapshot Krakow, Warsaw. Rick Steves Belgium: Bruges, Antwerp. Rick Steves' Barcelona. Rick Steves' Best Of Europe Rick Steves' Snapshot Dubrovnik. Rick Steves' Pocket London. Rick Steves 20 Copy Costco Sp Rick Steves' Snapshot St. Rick Steves' Budapest. Rick Steves' Italy Rick Steves' Ireland Rick Steves' Pocket Prague.

Rick Steves' Rome Rick Steves' Eastern Europe. Rick Steves' Snapshot Normandy. Rick Steves Hidden Europe Pledg. Marty offers a short, vivid biography of the irascible German reformer who transformed Western Christianity. Night Elie Wiesel, The Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner gives a candid and horrific account of existence in a Nazi concentration camp.

Funder delivers a powerful account about the secrets of the Stasi, the East German Ministry for State Security, and how it affected the citizens of East Germany. This spy novel about a British intelligence operation in Cold War East Germany was later made into a movie. Want to fit in? This lighthearted and helpful guide details the do's and don'ts of being German. Books: Fiction Eric Flint, Address Unknown Kathrine Kressmann Taylor, Published before World War II and banished in Nazi Germany, this book warns of the terrors yet to come via a series of letters between a Jewish art dealer living in San Francisco and his former business partner.

Berlin Noir Philip Kerr, An ex-policeman turned detective struggles with secrets and crime in s and '40s Berlin. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin Christopher Isherwood, The Book Thief Markus Zusak, This award-winning novel about a German girl who learns to read and then steals books the Nazis want to destroy is also a motion picture.

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This bestselling novel follows the life of a young girl growing up in s Burgdorf, a small German town on the Rhine. Hegi also wrote Stones from the River, based in the same small town. The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann, One of Germany's most influential and celebrated works of the 20th century takes place in a sanatorium in the Swiss Alps before and during World War I. Marrying Mozart Stephanie Cowell, Cowell's novel reveals a more intimate side of the famous composer.

Narcissus and Goldmund Hermann Hesse, Hesse tells the story about two medieval men, one choosing life in a monastery and the other traveling the world. Also by the German-born Hesse is the popular Siddhartha, about a young man leaving his family. The Reader Bernhard Schlink, Told by a sympathetic narrator, this book challenges readers to ponder, "What if my loved ones had been Nazis? The author draws on the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in this fictionalized account of the Protestant theologian who protested Hitler's rise.

Grass' acclaimed novel tells the tale of a young boy who stands defiant against the Nazis, armed with only a drum and a piercing scream. Winter Len Deighton, Deighton's engrossing historical novel traces the lives of a German family from to The book also serves as a prequel to Deighton's masterful nine-part Cold War spy series, which kicks off with Berlin Game Films The Baader Meinhof Complex The still-fragile German democracy is rocked in by acts of terrorism committed by radicalized Germans.

Backbeat Cabaret With Hitler on the rise and anti-Semitism growing, the only refuge in Berlin during the s is in the Cabaret. This musical won multiple Academy Awards.

The Counterfeiters This Oscar-winning film tells the story of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp inmates forced to run a counterfeiting ring to undermine the British pound. Das Boot Wolfgang Peterson's gritty film sinks any notion that war is glorious as it sails with the crew of a U-boat hunting Allied shipping during World War II. Downfall Good Bye, Lenin! In this funny, poignant film, a son struggles to re-create a pre-unification Berlin for his communist mother.

Hannah Arendt This biographical drama examines the life of the German-Jewish philosopher who reported on Adolf Eichmann's Nazi war crimes trial for the New Yorker. Head On Two mismatched Turkish-German lovers struggle with their heritage and personal issues in this culture-clash drama.

The Lives of Others In this gripping, Oscar-winning drama, a member of East Germany's secret police becomes too close to those whose lives he surveils. Lore